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What No One Tells You About Hurricane Preparedness

What No One Tells You About Hurricane Preparedness

Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.
 – Dwight D. Eisenhower

American Covers is a proud American company based in Louisiana. Many people know Louisiana for its amazing culture, delicious food, and the music it creates. Louisiana is also known to be home to one of the greatest environmental disasters known to man – Hurricane Katrina.


  • It was a Category 5 in the Gulf of Mexico and made its first landfall at 6:10 AM on August 29th as a Category 3 with some areas. experiencing Category 4 winds of 145 miles per hour.
  • Though the death toll is uncertain, Katrina created over 1,836 deaths are attributed to this single storm.
  • It causes massive wind damage and deadly flooding throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast areas, and 80% of the Greater New Orleans area.
  • Damage caused was around $125 Billion USD.
  • It affected areas were: the Bahamas, South Florida, Central Florida, Cuba, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida Panhandle, and most of North America.

There were many lessons to be learned about the preparation before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. Many were hard lessons, and though you may live in a region of the USA with a “possibility” of experiencing this type of disaster, there will always be something that you will forget, and just like Ike stated in that quote above, “learn or let the train run over you again!”

A Lesson Learned is Insight Gained

Hints for making a hurricane preparedness plan from American CoversWe have customers throughout the Continental United States each with their own learned experiences from natural disasters and storms and we acknowledge there are universal truths that can help you regardless of location. We at American Covers wanted to share with you things we have learned ourselves, and through listening to the stories of our customers.

The first rule of thumb when any disaster is coming is to heed what local and state governments are telling you when it comes to evacuation. Can you afford to evacuate, and if not who will be in charge of the facility. The greater question would be, what is the liability of the company if employees stay onsite during a natural disaster?

The second rule of thumb is to know your evacuation routes and shelter locations just in case you have to evacuate. It’s easier to have this in place before than wait to be rescued from the roof of your facility.

The third rule of thumb is to sign up for emergency alerts not from just one source or technology but multiple. With the technology of mobile devices, there are many apps available for storm warning, weather radar, and emergency response. During hurricane season, it may be a best practice to download those for your device.


The Planning to Plan, and What’s In It?

The most important thing you can do is to develop a “Preparedness, Disaster, and Continuity Plan”. Most businesses are required by OSHA to have this type of plan in place. You may be asking the question of “why?” but it’s good business sense to put into place a plan that takes into account the life of the business, it’s employees, and contingency plans.

Here are Basic Questions to Include:

  1. American Covers provides questions for disaster planningIf your location is destroyed or damaged, how do you let customer’s know?
  2. Do you have a temporary relocation plan to continue business such as nearby facilities that can continue the operation of the non-functioning facility?
  3. What do you have in place for communication, and how will you let suppliers and customers know your plans?
  4. Can your sales team work remotely, and how can orders continue to be processed?
  5. Do you have any onsite generators or any way to accommodate workers who may have to stay onsite?
  6. How do you allocate resources for your own cleanup needs?
  7. Do you have insurance that will take care of the losses?
  8. Do you as an owner, your board members/stakeholders know about impact, on the bottom line, if there is no Business Continuity Plan?

So, What Does American Covers’s Have in Place?

At American Covers, we will always make it a part of our plan to let you know the level of our production capability, and what to expect moving forward after an unforeseen natural disaster. We have made our own Business Continuity Plan in place to ensure that our valued customers know that we are focused on continuing to provide you top quality American Made products in as timely of a manner as possible.

Please take our experience and our knowledge of dealing with adverse natural events and focus on looking at your disaster and business continuity plan.

The mailman isn’t the only one who weathers the storms to deliver his product. We’ve been here for 15 years and we will be here for many more! You can trust American Covers and it’s quality covers and rental products!

We have also partnered with many local and national safety associations to help provide quality covering and production shelters!

Gulf Coast Safety Council Affiliation with American CoversAlliance Safety Council Affiliation with American CoversNational Safety Council





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