Safety is our first priority

American Covers Inc. recognizes safety as a core value, and, in that respect, safety is managed as a critical business activity. Every employee understands that safety is an essential element of career success.  Our OSHA statistics reflect the success of this approach.  Safety is priority one on all projects, regardless of size or duration.  We believe that all accidents are preventable with proper training, planning, and follow up. We promote an environment that reduces the likelihood of accidents through the enforcement of our comprehensive safety program, regular safety training, recognition of safe work practices, and the clear expectation that our employees must work safely at all times.

Safety Affiliations

Our safety program is certified by ISNetworld and Avetta.
Drug and Background: DISA

All American Covers employees are continuously trained on the following safety components:
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Safety performance observation
  • Near miss reporting
  • Incident investigation
  • Root Cause Analysis

Fabric Shelter Installation

Each job begins with a thorough understanding of the scope of work, the completion of a job safety analysis (JSA), and a meeting with the job site point of contact.  American Covers is recognized by our customers as leaders in the industry with regards to safety and fully complying with their company policies and procedures.

Each fieldworker is certified by the following:

  • Transportation Workers Identification Credential (T.W.I.C.)
  • OSHA
  • DISA drug testing – Hair Follicle
  • DISA background screening
  • Plant / Site-Specific
  • Equipment (man lift, forklift) certified
  • Each worker arrives on-site with the proper Personnel Protecting Equipment (P.P.E.), knowledge of safety procedures, and a commitment to complete the job with ZERO incidents.

If you prefer that your employees do the installation, we can also send a certified installer to your site to instruct your crew on the installation.

Message from the President

“Safety impacts every aspect of American Covers' success. Diligent safety practices allow us to be more competitive and benefit our customers with lower product and service costs. No job is so important or requires completion so quickly that we will not take the necessary time to perform it safely.”

Terri Fogarty, President


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