Shipping Container Covers

Combine your storage containers with a pre engineered fabric structure to create an immediate fabrication shop or storage shelter. These shipping container roof covers provide a fast solution for temporary on site storage or general shelter requirements. Once the job is complete, the shipping container covers system can be stored in the containers and transported to the next jobsite.


Shipping Container Covers

American Covers shipping container roof kits are designed to provide an economical solution for storage and shelter.  Available in kit form, our shipping container covers are easily assembled, and, as well as disassembled, for storage or to move to your next job site.
Container mounted fabric shelters are ideal for plant turnarounds, industrial construction, material storage, construction tents, and equipment storage.

  • Pre Engineered for high winds and snowloads
  • Easy / Fast to assemble and disassemble
  • Lower cost compared to traditional building
  • Protects people and assets
  • Rugged / High Strength materials
  • Designed for fast and simple assembly
  • Length is scalable by adding containers
Image of shipping container roof kit.
Industrial shipping containers with installed roof kits.

Shipping Container Roof Kits

Shipping container roof kits and shipping container roof truss systems are available in various sizes. Shipping Container Covers from American Covers are ideal if you just need to add a roof between two shipping containers or if your application requires a complete system to include end panels with roll-up doors. 

Applications for Shipping Container Roof Covers include:
  • Fabrication Work Shop Tent
  • Temporay Warehouse Shelter
  • Material Storage Tent
  • Disaster Relief Tent
  • Lunch Tents
  • Marine Fabrication Tent
  • Paint Fabric Shelter
  • Vehicle and Equipment Storage
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental
Image of shipping containers with roof truss systems.
Industrial shipping containers with installed roof truss systems.

A Unique Form of Shelter


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