Temporary Warehouses

American Covers has your temporary warehouse needs - covered.  On site storage and just in time temporary warehouse solutions for distribution centers, plant turnarounds and new construction.
Wide range of industrial temporary warehouse fabric structures which can be installed quickly and safely. 

Temporary Warehouses

American Covers provides Warehouse Fabric Shelters for sale or rental. These clear-span fabric structures are another component of our tent solutions in our industrial tent rental inventory. Applications include temporary warehousing, large lunch tents, construction tents, and disaster relief tents. There are no interior supports on our Warehouse Fabric Shelters, so you get the maximum storage space.

Warehouse Fabric Shelters give you more control and provide that extra space you need on your own property.

The savings really add up when you think about the short-term rental costs, transportation costs, and time wasted by renting a building across town. In addition, they don’t need a permanent foundation and can be erected on any level ground or an asphalt or concrete parking lot.


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