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We are looking to grow our team and take our company to the next level. Personal growth is important to us, and while our performance expectations are significant, so is our dedication to each employee's success.

Looking for Benefits?

We've got you Covered.

Paid Time Off

Paid time off for all full time employees.

Health Insurance

Quality Blue Cross Health Insurance for employees and family.

Flexible Schedule

Flexible Hours and Friendly Environment

Retirement Account

Individual Retirement Account with Employer contributions.

Our Values


Teamwork begins by building trust. American Covers is looking for energetic individuals who embrace our culture and are committed to being team players.  At American Covers, we believe the greatest achievements are through teamwork

Diversity and Inclusion

American Covers culture includes Diversity and Inclusion, making our employees feel accepted and valued. Companies with greater diversity and broader inclusion in the workplace have lower turnover rates, and the low turnover rate at American Covers holds this to be true.


If you are committed, you will succeed. We are looking for energetic individuals who are committed not only to personal growth and success but also to the goals American Covers sets. If you are committed, you will succeed, both personally and professionally at American Covers.


Integrity, Honesty, and Reliability are components of Trust. When others have confidence in you, that is Trust.  We take pride in our customer retention rate and their repeat business, meaning our customers trust us. That trust is reflective of our employees' integrity, honesty, and reliability.

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