Interim Solutions for Quarantine Tents and Treatment Stations

Many hospitals globally are confronted with an increasing number of infected corona (COVID-19) patients in the last days and weeks. The number of newly infected patients is increasing daily. The question has already been asked whether hospitals can cope with the number of infected patients who potentially could be admitted in the next few days or weeks, as there is limited space for patients to be accommodated comfortably.

Fast, Modular, and Isolated Solution

Many customers are resorting to container solutions as an interim measure. Containers offer the advantage of a fast, modular, and isolated solution. However, many do not realize that there are also insulated demountable temporary structures and tents on the market that combine the advantages of containers with reusability.

Demountable temporary structures can be purchased or rented complete with interior fittings such as room layouts, heating, and sanitary systems and are available in all widths and lengths. Containers are a fixed size and usable only for a single purpose, whereas demountable temporary structures offer a wide range of possible applications. In this context, we would like to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer of temporary and semi-permanent buildings and provider of complete solutions for the above-mentioned purposes. 

We would like to give you an insight into our product portfolio and solutions.
Image of modular isolated fabric structure.
Installed modular isolated fabric structure.

Our Solution

  • Mobile aluminum tent systems for rent or purchase
  • Short delivery and set-up times
  • Extendable to whatever length is required
Image of mobile aluminum tent.
Diagram of installed mobile aluminum tent.

Tent Treatment Station and Sluices

Temporary Structure for Accommodation

For 45 People

  • Size: 32'W x 82'L
  • for 45 People
  • 9 living rooms with 4-7 beds
  • 1 meeting area
Image of quarantine tent for 45 people.
Diagram of quarantine tent for 45 people.

For 20 People

  • Size: 32'w x 82'L
  • For 20 people
  • 10 living rooms with 2 beds
Image of quarantine tent for 20 people.
Example Diagram

Rapid Deployment Shelters

  • Different sizes available
  • Over 100 units from stock immediately available
  • Assembled and ready for use within minutes
  • Assembly without special tools and without previous knowledge

Model Examples



15'W x 16'L



20' x 20'



20'W x 26'L



20'W x 32'L


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