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Lunch Tent Rentals from American Covers

American Covers provides Lunch Tents and Industrial Lunch Tents for refineries, petrochemical plants and industrial contractors. Our lunch tents are used daily for plant turnarounds, shutdowns, and industrial construction. 

From small job sites requiring a lunch tent with several tables to major plant expansions requiring turnaround lunch tents for accommodating as many as 1000 employees, plants have relied on American Covers for lunch tents since 1995.  

Located in New Orleans, LA, American Covers has the inventory for immediate deployment to the plants located in Louisiana and Texas and along the Gulf South.

American Covers field installers hold the safety credentials and safety record that refineries and petrochemical plants have come to trust.

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American Covers provides lunch tents and dining facilities which are modular – meaning as your job expands, our lunch tents can be expanded to meet your requirements. Used extensively in refineries, petrochemical plants and industrial facilities, our lunch tents provide safe accommodations for plant workers and contract employees. Our Fabric Shelter Lunch Tents are available for short or long term rentals and are available with a variety of accessories including seating, lighting, HVAC, and power distribution.

Inside of a Lunch Tent Rental from American Covers

40’W x 100’L Lunch Tent installed during a plant turnaround in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  The lunch tent includes bench style seating, PVC flooring and end panels with a roll-up fabric door.

Inside of a Lunch Tent Rental 2 from American Covers

30’w x 100′ tent with bench style tables. This fabric shelter serves as a lunch tent for a Louisiana Chemical company during new construction. End’s can be open or equipped with fabric end panels, with or without duct ports. These lunch tents can be purchased or rented to fit your needs.

Inside of a Lunch Tent Rental 3 from American Covers

Our Industrial Tents are used as lunch tents for plant turnarounds and shutdowns. Lunch Tents can include end panels with roll-up doors and duct ports for HVAC. Our tents are easily erected and can be quickly disassembled and relocated by our trained installers who hold the following credentials: TWIC, OSHA, DISA and plant site specific.

Whether your turnaround requires a Lunch Tent for 10 people or 1000 people, American Covers can accommodate your needs on time, efficiently and most important, SAFELY.

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