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5 Questions To Ask When Buying A Shipping Container Cover

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Shipping Container Cover

Have you thought to yourself, “I need more space for production!”? Your production times are getting tighter, and job site space is running short. Many times we fail to realize that many of the answers to our questions are right before our eyes. The reality is productivity and budget savings already exist in our backyards!

Think Outside of the Boxes

Do you currently have shipping containers in your yard? That’s an easy question, right? Many shipping containers are used for tool and raw materials storage, but if you look “outside of the boxes” and see what is usually used for storage, can be used to help you create areas for productivity then you have found the solution to increased productivity!

With just two shipping containers you have the solution productivity boosters! When you connect two shipping containers with a shipping container cover, you can create:

  • An Instant Fabrication Shop
  • An Onsite Equipment Maintenance Shop
  • An Employee Assembly and Lunch Area
  • A Warehouse, and
  • A Large Equipment Shelter

All of this is available for you right now! You already own structures, now bridge the gap between the two and create an immediate area for production!

So, I Can Increase Profitability as Well?

Shipping Container Covers from American CoversYes, you can increase profitiability! If you are like most people, you want to do some research into the how’s, and the why’s but often something falls through the old research cracks that you may not have considered. That is why American Covers is not just the expert in providing quality Shipping Container Covers, but we are the experts in answering the questions . . . You didn’t think to ask!

Here are the top 5 questions we suggest to consider when increasing your productivity with shipping container covers:

    1. How can I not use a shipping container cover to improve profitability? Purchasing a shipping container cover may not have been in your current budget, but how can you not afford to use existing unused job site space? When you increase productivity by making use of living square footage, it improves your overall profit margin.
    2. How am I going to install a shipping container cover? I don’t have the workforce so how can I take advantage of this opportunity? American Covers have solutions to help you with this! Call us at 985-778-0700, and we can help you discover the right answer for installation!
    3. Do I have enough shipping containers onsite? Currently, I only have one shipping container, how can I use a container cover with just one shipping container? Shipping containers are a great inexpensive solution that will provide a dual purpose for both storage space and a production solution. We may have even an answer for additional shipping containers in your area! Give us a call!
    4. What type of guarantees are there on the quality of the materials used to manufacture a shipping container cover? American Covers produces its products with top rated water and rust resistant raw materials. We also provide all of the parts and supplies to correctly and securely install a shipping container cover. With one of the best guarantees on the materials used in manufacturing, American Covers stands behind it’s American Made products!
    5. Is this an American Made product? American Covers is an American owned company that manufactures its products on American soil in Louisiana. We are proud to say that our products stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to quality and durability!

I’m Sold, You’re Sold . . . So What Now?

You can make the most of your worksite with American Covers shipping container covers to create more usable space between your intermodal shipping containers.

We are available via email or phone to help you find the right container cover solution and the best practice for meeting and exceeding your production times!

Our shipping container covers can be shipped directly to your job site, or you can come and pick them up, and if you need to move the containers or the cover, it can easily be disassembled and stored in the container or reinstalled to another location.

Our products are easily assembled so that gaining more space on your job site is a snap!


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